What we do

Specialist consulting

We offer expert advice related to natural resource governance and management, strategy development, business models and value chains, legal systems, stakeholder involvement, and the mechanisms of international negotiations.

These are examples of our work:

ABS-compliant value chain development

Setting and using economic incentives is a key element of any public or private strategy to conserve biodiversity. This is why we have made the valorisation of genetic resources one of GeoMedia’s fields of expertise. Our key partners in this field are the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT) and PhytoTrade Africa, who bring decades of experience in natural products value chain development. Together, we support the development of local and national valorisation strategies for biological and genetic resources.

Services include national and regional trainings on ABS value chains, where we cover the different steps to take, the actors involved, the required investments, options for market access, and the business, R&D and intellectual-property models in different sectors that use genetic resources. The trainings also look at regulatory aspects of target markets, such as consumer protection regulations, quality standards, or ABS and export regulations.

A complement to these valorisation trainings are ABS contract trainings, which focus on the art of drafting technically sound and enforceable contracts between business and research partners. In follow-up to specific trainings, we often support the participating cooperatives, SMEs and governmental institutions in the commercialisation of selected resources.

Support to the GIZ sector project ‘Conservation of biological diversity’

Since 2000 GeoMedia has been providing consulting services to the global GIZ-managed sector project “Conservation of biodiversity on land”. The project supports the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) in incorporating policy positions on biological diversity into national and international processes, and with regard to implementation initiatives in BMZ partner countries.

Throughout the years, our services have covered a wide range of topics and activities. Since 2020 we have been delivering these services in consortium with our partner Adelphi, focusing on:

Technical and policy advice to BMZ, e.g.

  • Providing expert input and opinions in the run-up to international biodiversity-related policy processes, such as the Agenda 2030, the CBD, the G7, G20 and the EU
  • Drafting and commenting on position papers

Innovation and portfolio development, e.g.

  • Establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships with IGO’s, NGO’s, business associations and the media
  • Identifying co-financing/ co-funding potentials for implementation initiatives

Communication and public relations, e.g.

  • Developing strategic communication approaches
  • Producing communication materials for professional audiences and the wider public