What we do


High-impact communication is a two-way process. We design, organise and facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues, panels and specialist trainings, and conceptualise public awareness campaigns such as action days or exhibitions.

Here are some examples of our work:

ABS & Business Dialogues, South Africa and Denmark

To support the international negotiations for an international ABS regime, GeoMedia organised a first Dialogue on ABS & Business in the autumn of 2009 in South Africa. Ten European industry representatives met with ten African UN negotiators for an informal exchange of views. Intense preparations, diplomatic skill and professional facilitation helped the participants to better understand each other and explore options for the way forward. After adoption of the Nagoya Protocol, GeoMedia supported four more international ABS & Business Dialogues, held between 2011 and 2014 in Denmark, which focussed on implementation issues.

Scoping visit of Danish industry representatives to Southern Africa

In 2017, on behalf of the Danish Industry Association (DI), GeoMedia organised a scoping and matchmaking visit of six high-level members of companies, representatives of the association’s secretariat and the Danish ABS focal point to Namibia and South Africa.

Aiming to identify possible ingredients for ABS-compliant industrial use in Denmark in the cosmetic and detergent sector, the group met with regulators in the two countries, with selected universities and research institutes, with local businesses and communities. To safeguard confidentiality, the contacts made were later followed up on a bilateral basis.