What we do

Communication, Education and Public Awareness

Communication is a cornerstone of our company. Over the years we’ve become ever more sophisticated. From flyers and posters we’ve come to global  multistakeholder events – and everything in between to communicate complex issues.

Some selected examples of our work:

Strategic communication guide for ABS

In 2012, GeoMedia and our in-house partner MediaCompany produced a comprehensive guide on strategic communication for ABS. The guide covers all relevant fields of action to implement ABS at the national level, provides a systematic approach to developing ABS communication strategies for different target groups, and offers a variety of tools and methods for every step along the way. The guide was met with great demand and has been translated and published in four languages. You can download the brochures here:

Strategic communication ABS (EN, PDF 2.7 MB)
Communication stratégique APA (FR, PDF 2.8 MB)
Comunicación estratégica ABS (ES, PDF 2.6 MB)
Comunicação Estratégica ABS (PT, PDF 2.6 MB)

ABS communication strategy development in India

In 2018 and 2019, GeoMedia supported the German-Indian ABS Partnership Project in developing a nation-wide ABS communication strategy, using the guide described above for orientation and inspiration.

From the beginning, the Indian ABS communication strategy was laid out as an iterative process, with analyses, planning and implementation going hand-in-hand and feeding into each other. A multi-stakeholder workshop in May 2018 helped identify the most relevant ABS stakeholder groups in the country, their basic features and communication needs. The project partners then developed specific communication approaches for each group, thereby sharpening communication objectives and indicators, selecting suitable mixes of communication channels, and designing relevant messages.

All along, several communication activities were already implemented, such as dialogues between regulators and users, trainings for field-level forest and other departments, or the production of educational films for local-level stakeholders. Subsequent workshops in July 2019, with official representatives from 31 Indian federal states helped validate the strategy and further refine needs for support at state level.

The final strategy document was published by the National Biodiversity Authority of India. The handbook contains extensive information about the process and its results, as well as descriptions of all approaches and methods used. You can download the document by clicking on the cover image below.

ABS Communication Strategy India (PDF 10 MB)